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As one of the top professionals in the field, we possess the expertise to handle various kinds of repairs, from vinyl fence repairs, wooden fence repairs, aluminum fence repairs, chain link fence repairs, or even chain link fence repairs. We would be delighted to visit you for an assessment, offer recommendations, and give free estimates. This way, you can determine the most cost-efficient approach to pursue.

The initial step in any fence repair involves addressing the foundational aspect that maintains the upright position of your fence.

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Crucial Fence Components

  • Fence Posts

    • A sturdy fence post is crucial in maintaining the fence's vertical and aligned position. During windy conditions, a solid wooden post prevents the fence from swaying. An ideal depth for the fence post mainly depends on the fence's height. For instance, a 6-foot-tall fence requires a depth of 2 feet. Fill the hole with gravel and concrete for proper setting before moving on to the next step. It's crucial to ensure that the post is not excessively deep in the ground to prev

  • Fence Slats

    • One of the basic repairs involves replacing fence panels or slats. The initial step requires spotting the damaged slats, which might have become warped or decayed due to insect activity. Extract the damaged slats using a crowbar and a hammer while carefully removing the nails. Utilize wooden nails and proceed from the top down to replace all the panels. Ensuring that the supporting rail possesses ample strength to accommodate the new panels is crucial.

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Initial Steps for Fence Repair

  • The initial phase of the repair process involves extracting the damaged parts. This task's difficulty level varies based on the kind of fence you have. For instance, dealing with a timber fence where only one board is split or damaged might have a straightforward procedure of replacement using a hammer and nails. However, the task is inevitably more challenging if your fence comprises composite materials, vinyl, aluminum, or steel construction.

Fixing a Wooden Fence

  • Start by tearing down the damaged parts. In some cases, this might involve removing the panels around it, be extra careful to avoid breaking anything that you need to put back. Make use of a pry bar or a claw hammer to detach the majority of wooden panels. Depending on the location of the broken piece, it might be necessary to cut around it. 

  • Wooden fences are fragile and need extra attention, particularly in cases where wind-induced harm or slight shifts or sinking in the ground. The ground below needs to be more consistent. Whether you use steel or wooden posts, ground conditions can push them out of alignment. Often, wooden fence repair involves digging around the post, realigning it, and refilling the hole. In many instances, these issues also require concreting to address the issue and prevent the damage from happening again.

Fixing Vinyl and Composite Fences

  • In general, vinyl or composite fence materials exhibit remarkable durability. However, severe weather conditions can impact even the highest-quality fences. When issues arise with vinyl and composite fences, warranty-related repairs are necessary, and it is best to let a professional handle these tasks.

Fixing Vinyl and Composite Fences

  • Repairing chain link fences can be challenging without the appropriate tools and knowledge to fix them properly. Suppose you're using tension tools and reliable shifter and power tools. In that case, you can repair minor chain links, such as re-tightening links or securing loose fixings. However, if the repairs involve posts concreted into the ground, it's advisable to seek the assistance of a fencing specialist.

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