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There are several other terms for a chain link fence, including wire netting, a chain wire fence, a wire mesh fence, cyclone or hurricane fence. Typically, galvanized coated steel material makes up Chain Link Fences. The galvanized wires extend vertically from the fence's top to its bottom, bending at a 45° angle to create a diamond-like pattern. This design is commonly known as Diamond fences. The most commonly used type of fence is a 2-inch pattern with a 9-gauge wire.

Skilled fence installers carefully craft chain link fences to ensure they are strong enough to resist wind and other elements. Areas with high wind commonly feature chain link fences, commercial buildings, farms, and anyone looking for an affordable but secured fence.

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Benefits of a Chain Link Fence

  • Easy Installation

    • Apart from the other types of fencing, chain link fence is the easiest to install, especially if done by a skilled professional, saving you a lot of time and money to pay for the labor. 

  • Affordability

    • Chain link is economical for those who want an extra layer of protection but are on a budget. Chain link fences cost half of other types of fencing.

  • Heavy Duty

    • Because of the interwoven design and the use of galvanized wire, chain link fences are made to last. Chain link owners are free from the risk of decaying and needing replacement. Since it uses a steel material, they won't have to worry about various pests, such as termites.

  • Security

    • The chain link fence design incorporates a pattern that renders it challenging to destroy. It is also proven to hold out any weather condition, which is why it is also called "hurricane fencing." Primarily, places needing high security utilize chain link fences, such as prisons, airports, and military bases. Their height spans 2 to over 15 feet, making them well-suited for preventing unauthorized entry and keeping individuals within the area.

  • Customizable

    • It is not true that chain link fences do not offer an aesthetic look for your property. You can choose different colors to compliment your home and match your vibe. From the classic matte black finish to a bright pink– the choice is yours! 

  • Easy Upkeep

    • Since chain link fences do not require any maintenance, they will remain steadfast and durable for an extended time.

Cost Considerations

  • The Installation of a chain link fence involves incurring costs that include:

    • Materials

    • Labor

    • Personalizing

When making a budget for your fencing expenses, it's essential to consider local building codes, alternative materials, necessary excavation, maintenance costs, and fencing permits. If any of these aspects need clarification, don't hesitate to contact our team for a discussion.

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