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Mclean Fencing stands out as one of the limited vinyl fence producers in Mclean, VA. With the help of our latest machinery, we can offer customers personalized fences of any design. Moreover, our company is skilled in creating tailor-made wooden fences. By producing vinyl and wooden fences, our fence company can offer clients a wide variety of standard and uniquely made fencing options that will surely add elegance to their residences.

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Fence Style Options

Aluminum Fence

Our aluminum panels, assembled mechanically, are made from stainless steel screws to ensure they are rust-free and have a slow deterioration process even when exposed to other elements. We offer different kinds of aluminum fences that are mechanically assembled and welded. Our materials are made from scratch using top-tier aluminum extrusions and components. 

Aluminum Fences are known for being remarkably strong and can resist everyday wear and tear. The strength helps to save you money in costly fence repair. They come in various designs, colors, and heights to seamlessly complement any outdoor environment. With the elegance of wrought iron and the low upkeep of aluminum, an aluminum fence will undoubtedly enhance the look and value of your home.

Chain Link Fence

Our Fence Company has a wide range of chain link fabrics, such as standard galvanized, black vinyl-coated, and brown vinyl-coated, among other options. We also provide welded gates for chain link fences, along with the sale of chain link fences, accessories, and hardware for chain link gates. Chain link fences are preferred by those who desire to enhance their home's security. Since chain link fences have an open structure, you can ensure no one has a place to hide. Chain link fences, however, can easily be transformed into privacy fences using vinyl slats for those more concerned about privacy. Chain link fencing remains the top choice among numerous homeowners and business owners for their fencing needs.

We have residential chain link items available in heights of 48", 60", and 72", along with commercial chain link products reaching up to 12 feet. The standard wire features a 2" mesh with a 9-gauge thickness. Additionally, we offer all options in a one ¼" mesh with an 11-gauge thickness to comply with swimming pool regulations.

Steel Fence

Steel fences are also known as aluminum sheeting fences. Unlike the first two fences, steel fences offer comprehensive privacy due to their solid metal board design, which makes them a cost-effective, competitive alternative to traditional vinyl privacy fencing. The aluminum panels with steel rails make them durable for long-lasting use. 

Vinyl Fence

People prefer Vinyl Fences over standard wooden pickets or rails. It offers longevity while having little to no upkeep needed other than occasional washing. Vinyl Fence is five times more potent than wooden material, making it a more resistant option than wood. Vinyl materials can adapt to severe weather conditions, such as powerful winds and heavy rains, which can easily damage wooden fences.

Cedar Fence

Cedar Fence is the best choice from any other type of wood for fencing. It is extreme; apart from its ability to resist rot, moisture, and wood-eating insects, cedar fences resist weather conditions while maintaining their original appearance. Choosing a cedar fence offers longevity since it adjusts its moisture content to match the environment since moisture is the number one culprit of wrapping and cracking wood.

Cedarwood gives a unique touch to your property with its various colors, textures, and patterns to choose from, unlike other fencing materials. You can easily paint it if you desire a color other than its natural shade, typically white or red. Mclean Fencing offers a wide selection of designs and heights from 3 to 6 feet. 

Split Rail Fence

Split rail fence is sometimes called a "log fence." It is a type of fencing made from wooden logs, and they are often split lengthwise into rails and used for agricultural or decorative fencing. Split Rail Fence can give an excellent addition to elevate the appearance of your home with its elegant touch. It is one of the oldest known fences, which existed during the American civil war. People have widely used split rail fences since then.

Bamboo Fence

Bamboo fences are pre-constructed fences ready to be installed. Bamboo fences come in various designs and sizes, from wood-framed bamboo fence panels and the modern all-bamboo construction fence panels. It offers an exotic touch to your property with a natural vibe. The panels are available in natural, mahogany stained, and natural black color variations. Compared to metal and vinyl, bamboo fencing is the most environmentally friendly option and ecologically sustainable due to bamboo's rapid growth, maturing in five years or less. Additionally, bamboo stalks effectively absorb carbon, contributing to green plantation practices.

Our team of professionals handles all the work, from post-excavation to assembly, at affordable prices, sparing you the time from doing the work or excessive expenses to acquire a fence that suits your needs. Our expertise and partnership with manufacturers enable us to present components and labor at unmatched cost-effectiveness.

Our team ensures no unresolved questions, regardless of whether or not the client wants to work with us or consider alternative options. Being the top fence contractor, we take great satisfaction in our expertise to enhance the look of your home while adding an extra layer of security. We have well-trained people who will turn your dream fence into reality. We oversee the entire process for every fence installation project from beginning to end, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our fences, services, and innovative business approach. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free estimate.

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